Candy Heart HELP

I’m Kylie and I am Craftylittlebun, Journal Enthusiast, Student, and Artist, and I’m guessing you would like to know a little bit more about me.

I have been journaling since I was a child, there is something magical about reflecting on the past while holding a physical journal that you have lovingly spilled thoughts, feelings, and ideas in too. I believe that art of keeping a journal is beneficial to mental health and enables you to create and dominate goals you set for yourself, regardless if these are professional or personal.

I am currently a student at OUA studying criminology and criminal justice. The new fad of studyblrs and studyspo are ingenious in subtly motivating students to keep track of assessments and points of interest while they study.

What makes an artist?

Art is traditionally known as a means of expression, a way to tell a story. Like me many of you would be on the same journey of discovering your style, likes and dislikes. Your aesthetic and body of work development lasts over a life time.

So, what ties these together? The answer to that is me and you!

I believe that regardless of any circumstances that are with you or against you. Creativity and life-long learning are essential to a fulfilled life.

Let’s start creating the life you deserve!